Historic Timetables below


These lists of current releases of Australian transport timetables
have been compiled by members of the AATTC as follows:

Area Compiled By Last Updated
ACTION Canberra Bus Timetables Daniel Clinton 14/2/2014
Adelaide Public Transport Timetables Daniel Clinton 3/4/2014
Newcastle Buses Geoff Hassall 13/3/2014
Sydney Private Buses Robert Henderson 11/4/2014
Sydney Buses, Ferries and Trains Duncan MacAuslan 16/4/2014
Brisbane Private Bus Operators
including Gold Coast
Graham Duffin 5/1/2014
Brisbane other Graham Duffin 16/2/2014
Queensland Country Bus/Train Timetables. Steven Haby 11/4/2012
Melbourne Stephen Gray 8/3/2014
Victoria Stephen Gray 8/3/2014
New South Wales Stephen Gray 15/4/2014
South Australian Country and Regional Timetables Steven Haby 28/8/2013
Tasmania Steven Haby 15/10/2012
Perth Alan Gray 8/3/2014
Western Australia Country Steven Haby 8/3/2014
Northern Territory Steven Haby 24/9/2012
National Timetables Steven Haby 28/6/2012



These historical lists of releases of Australian transport timetables
have been compiled by members of the AATTC as follows:

Operator Compiled By Last Updated
List of when various Australian
Rail timetables were issued
(pdf format)
Geoff Lambert 23/3/2004
Coachtrans Steven Haby 7/7/2003
Firefly Steven Haby 27/8/2003
Greyhound/Greyhound Pioneer Steven Haby 28/9/2003
Historical Airline Timetables Steven Haby 10/10/2003
McCaffertys Steven Haby 26/8/2003
Murray Valley Coaches Steven Haby 21/5/2003
Murray Valley Coaches in the 1950's Dirk Spennermann 4/8/2003
Other Express Operators who are no longer in Business Steven Haby 22/10/2003
Pioneer Express/Ansett Pioneer Steven Haby 24/8/2003
VIP Coaches Steven Haby 22/10/2003
Sydney Bus Time Tables History - Government Services Duncan MacAuslan 4/3/2004
Christmas 2004/2005 Holiday Timetable Arrangements.    
Christmas 2005/2006 Holiday Timetable Arrangements.    
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